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About us


From Australian start-up, to global innovator

In 2010, TKM9 opened its doors with a vision of bringing first-to-market, interactive solutions to Australia. Ten years on, that vision has grown, with our products, experiences, and tech reaching the US, UK, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

With a headquarters still proudly based in Melbourne, our team remains agile, adapting our expertise to suit an ever-evolving market. We build for brands, shopping centres, hospitals, airports, museums, and public spaces; creating unique installations that improve customer experience and build brand engagement.


And while 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, we're bringing people back together in safe and exciting ways. With gesture-activated gaming, non-touch smart signage, and slick installations; our team will help you breathe life back into your space.

If you’d like to consult or engage our team for your next project, we’re always ready to get involved.


We speak in code, hardware, CAD, 2D, 3D and UX.
It's the language of disruption.

Meet some of the team

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Creatives. Strategists. Industrial Designers. Engineers. Programmers. We're a diverse bunch...

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